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Welcome to At Home Ako’s Referral Business Partner Program Center

We would like to invite you to become part of At Home Ako’s Referral Partner Program, this services can also be a great resource for the Filipino entrepreneurs.

As soon as you signed up as our Referral Partners you will have this.

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Start earning additional income for every sale by simply recommending or promoting this website. Simply create your account, place your linking code into your website or send it to your friends and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers.

How Does At Home Ako’s Post Business Partner Program


It’s Simple! Simply recommend or promote At Home Ako’s website to other Network Marketers, MLMers and people in Direct Selling business, Entrepreneur people and you earn money everytime someone buys through your recommendation.
1. You promote or recommend At Home Ako’s website using a special link (this is your unique affiliate link that we will give you when you sign up as an affiliate ).
2. When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, that visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. If that visitor buys our product using your link, that sale will get tracked by our system and you will be rewarded a referral commission. You will also be notified via email everytime you made a sale.


Do I need to invest to become  At Home Ako Referral Business Partner?

At Home Ako (Basic) Referral Business Partner Program is FREE but if you want bigger chance to earn, then Upgrade to Standard Referral Business Program.

Also, we are only allowing a limited number of new At Home Ako Basic Referral Business Partner each month. We are only looking for serious Business Partners, and are taking these steps to ensure we maintain the quality of our At Home Ako Referral Business Partner program.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid via remittance or bank transfer, or cheque.

When do I get paid?

Affiliate membership income will be send under your name tru any remittance or bank transfer (if outside Metro Manila). If Metro Manila, tru cheques may be applicable.

Real Estate Referral Commission will be released depends on the payment mode of the clients, financial institution (Pag-ibig Funds/ Banks/In-House) & developers policies cut off tru Cash/Cheques.

How long is my Referral Business ID tracked if they do not buy, yet come back later?

If you promote your Referral Business Partner link and your prospect buyer don’t buy that day, don’t worry we have a tracking system. Once your buyer decide to buy before/within 360 days later, a cookie link pointed you as the referrer of that client, that’s the beauty of the system in Affiliate Marketing.


How do I promote?

Once you become our Referral Business Partner, you get your own “Referral Business Link” to promote. All you do is promote that unique URL. (Just don’t spam, or we’ll have to ban you – seriously). When people click your Referral Business link and purchase their Properties/membership of the At Home Ako’s website, you get paid a commission on every sale.


Just Simply Drive Traffic in your Website


Copy-Paste-Post and MAKE MONEY



Note: You can have your own personal website link when you Sign up.  See Sample Copy Post in our Communities.

After signing up I will provide this.


*Do what needs to be done correctly and consistently.


How do I get started?

It’s EASY, just follow these simple instructions:
1. Sign up

For FREE Choose Referral Business Partner (FREE)

For Optional with corresponding fee:

Choose Referral Business Partner Premium (RBP+)

Choose Real Estate Agent Partner (REAP)

Choose  Business Satellite Office (BSO)

To know the Difference Download our FREE Ebook to know the details.

2. Pay at our Paypal Account for RBP+, REAP, BSO

3. Once approved. Log in to our website back office using the username and password that you registered.
4. Go to “ADS” Tab and choose the Banners that you can put up in your blog or website. You can also give your Referral Business Link directly or use it in your email promotion.

5. Join to our Community.

Already an At Home Ako Referral Business Partner?

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If not yet just simply

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Happy to Have you!

Your Business Partner toward the success,
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